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Primitive Outhouse Decor. Cool Home Decorating Ideas.

Primitive Outhouse Decor

primitive outhouse decor

  • Having a quality or style that offers an extremely basic level of comfort, convenience, or efficiency

  • a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization

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  • Any outbuilding

  • An outhouse is a type of toilet in a small structure separate from the main building which does not have a flush and is not attached to a sewer.

  • a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate

  • An outbuilding containing a toilet, typically with no plumbing

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Grocery Outhouse

Grocery Outhouse

The Rodeo Grocery, which sells groceries and excellent pastry, is also a cafe and gas station. But if you need a bathroom, you have to step outside to this shed-like structure whose door has the traditional marking of an outhouse -- a quarter-moon window cut in the door.



This outhouse has been around for about a 100 years? and is still used today. It has been fixed several times, but has always been a two seater. During the winter near Mt. Lassen, Northern California

primitive outhouse decor

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